Thursday, September 01, 2005

Battleground ’06: 2006 Mid-Term Election

Zogby has a good report regarding the 2006 mid-term elections, focused on the struggle for control of the US Senate:

The Democrats

The Democrats do have an excellent opportunity to pick up seats, but winning back the Senate will be the political equivalent of pitching a perfect game. The Democrats need to pick up six seats, defend three open seats, protect four vulnerable incumbents, and at least two more seats that could become competitive. All in all, it makes it a long shot for the Democrats. The Democrats start out having to defend open seats in...

The Republicans

The Republicans' goals in this election can range from minimizing losses to shooting for a veto proof majority. It will all depend on who has the momentum as the election draws closer, right now the wind is at the backs of the Democrats but that could easily change. Reaching a veto proof majority for the Republicans will be difficult, they first need to defend their two highly vulnerable incumbents in…

Unfortunately, you have to pay to get the fully reports as they conduct repeated polling.  Still, the summary indicates just how important this topic is.

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