Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Head Blogging

I've always wanted to belong to an exclusive club, wherein acceptance is automatically guaranteed, once certain strict criteria are met:
The Fraternity of the Shaven Head
Raffi Melkonian at 07:15 PM

The day after the bar exam, I went to the local barber in Cambridge and had my head shaved down to a close crop. I suppose some other people might have done so out of ritualistic excitement, but my reasons were mostly aesthetic - enough of my hair had fallen out that I was in danger of becoming one of those people who try to pretend they aren't balding. So I took action. [...]

But in the meantime, I've noticed that balding men who have shaved their heads share a few more glances and nods than men generally exchange in public. It's as if one is saying to another something like - "yeah. I too saw the light".

...not that I would consider this, realistically.