Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Peace Protests

I have to remember (I can be absent-minded, sometimes) to sign up for the march on Washington that is planned for Sept. 24th.  Especially after reading this:  

The words of First Sergeant Perry Jeffries, 20-year Army veteran, recently returned from Iraq:
[T]he only way that we can maintain our way of life is to have a strong defense.... And we had that before we started this little adventure here. Now we're beginning to eat it up....The equipment and the people are getting chewed up and spat out. And that's not the right way to defend our country.....

I tell you I was in Iraq and we saw some of the peace protests that were done at that time. And I felt like people really cared about me because they were taking the time to address the issues. And get really involved and do something rather than just emit jingoistic slogans....
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