Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush

Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush
JERUSALEM (AFP) Apr 12, 2005

Ariel Sharon's military attache presented aerial photos of Iranian nuclear installations during the Israeli prime minister's summit with US President George W. Bush, Israeli public radio reported Tuesday.

General Yoav Gallan, who accompanied Sharon to Monday's talks at Bush's Texas ranch, presented the photos as well as information gathered by the Israeli intelligence services on Tehran's nuclear programme.

The radio, which did not give details on how the photos were taken, said the images proved that the Iranian nuclear programme was at a "very advanced" stage.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan confirmed the two leaders had "talked about their shared concern about Iran's intentions with their nuclear programme" but denied they had discussed the possibility of a preemptive military strike by Israel, aimed at ensuring Iran does not acquire atomic weapons.

This seems odd to me.  Surely intelligence agencies trade information all the time.  Usually it is not reported in the news.  Surely this information could have been exchanged in such a way that it would not be common knowledge.  So what are these people up to?  Who has what agenda?  Who wants whom to think what?

All I know is someone's playing games, and I don't like it.