Friday, April 08, 2005

What War Does

God does not play dice.  But American Presidents do, so long as it is someone's else's lives and money on the line.

NPR is doing their fundraising thing this week.  Consequently, I've been listening to AM radio.  On 760 kilohertz -- WJR -- I've had the privilege of hearing Rush Limbaugh again. 

My first experience with Mr. Limbaugh occurred many years ago, late at night.  I had turned on the TV.  There was a talking head going on and on about liberals.  Literally, I though I had tuned in a late night parody, perhaps a rerun from Saturday Night Live.  After several minutes, I realized that, even as a parody, it was not really funny; the guy was just too offensive, even by SNL standards. 

The following day, I looked him up.  Only then did I realize that he's for real.  Today he had something to say about the war.  It got me thinking in an abstract way.  Continue reading here.