Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Now Support the Theory of Intelligent Design
AND I Insist That It Should be Taught in Schools

I used to think that proponents of Intelligent Design were Damn Liars.  Now I've changed my mind. 

For years, schoolchildren have been taught that the American Government "just evolved."  Some rich old white guys sat around and just made it up.  They came up with the ideas of "government of the people, for the people, by the people", "all men are created equal", etc. out of thin air.  Some even referred to it as a "primordial soup" of ideas.  What do they think our Founding Fathers had for lunch, Alpha-Bits soup?  Do they think that the noodles just formed themselve into sentences via brownian motion?  They say that fundamental ideas, such as the notion of balance of powers, evolved from earlier ideas, such as those contained in the Magna Carta.  However, a scientific anaylsis of the American Government shows that this simply is not possible.

For example, what is the probability that all of the Senators and Representatives would be honest servants of the people, if it "just happened?" How likely is it that the President would always tell the truth, if his election were merely a product of random events?  Clearly, these things could not happen by chance alone.  Therefore, there must have been some kind of intelligent Higher Power that designed our fine government.  How else could it have turned out to be infallible?

Now, we have a system of public so-called "education" that is teaching our kids that there is only one theory for the origin of the US Government.  They fail to include the competing view that a growing number of scholars are developing: Intelligent Design.  I have heard lately that a few students are even GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL, believing that POLITICIANS SOMETIMES LIE, and that GOVERNMENT SOMETIMES MAKES MISTAKES!!!!  The vast conspiracy of freethinkers must not be allowed to brainwash our children any longer!!!!!!!