Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Via DistroWatch.com

2004-12-06 Distribution Release: Games Knoppix 3.7
Games Knoppix, a special edition of the upcoming Knoppix 3.7, has been released: "Finally, the first release of the Games Knoppix (St. Nicholas Day Release) is ready for download. The following games have been lately added: Castle-Combat, Globulation 2, Hatman, Kobodeluxe, Miniracer, Pingus, Rafkill, lots of small games. If there is a graphics card with possible acceleration detected, you will be asked whether you want to use the NVIDIA or ATI drivers. To use this option, you need at least 400MB RAM. The joystick configuration tool is started via 'joystick-config' inside the console. We'll add a small HOWTO about how to turn your Linux box into a game console soon." Here is the full release announcement with additional details. Currently, the ISO image is only available for download via BitTorrent: GamesKnoppix-3.7-0.1.torrent (683MB). Happy gaming!

Looking for a present that doesn't cost much, for someone with a PC, who likes games?  Knoppix my be the easiest-to-use Linux around.  It runs right from the CD, so you do not have to install it and take up hard drive space.  Rather than spend 30-50 dollars on a single game for a console, get several games for the cost of a blank CD. 

The download will take hours, even on a fairly fast network.  First, you have to get a bittorrent program; there are several available, even for Windows.  (TorrentStorm - Windows Bittorrent Client).  Start the download and let it run all night. 

If you're curious about Linux, this would be a decent introduction.