Monday, December 13, 2004

Holiday Tip # 3.14159265 and so forth

If you celebrate, or at least attend, a holiday during which gifts, especially electronic gifts, are likely to be given, then do yourself, and everyone else, or at least some others, a favor, by bringing a Sharpie fine-point, not extra-fine, but regular-fine-point marker, and when anyone, including yourself, opens a present that includes one of those little plug-in chargers, take out the Sharpie, with a flourish, not a major ostentatious flourish, but a modest flourish, and LABEL the charger with the name of the thing it is supposed to plug in to. 

No one will thank you right away. 

In fact, they will think you are strange. 

But years later, when they have a drawer full of those little charger things, and can't figure out what any of them goes to, but they don't dare throw them away, in case they need one of them, someday, and it goes to something really important, but they can't figure out what, or something like that, they will remember you and then they will understand, and although they still will not thank you, the world will be a little bit nicer, or at least a bit more tidy, because of what you did.

And if there are any industry moguls out there who are in charge of making those damn little boxes, get a clue and start labeling them with the make and model number of the thing that the charger goes to.