Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Contemplate This

National Geographic

No.  Don't read this yet.  Look at the picture some more.  Contemplate.  

Imagine why a reality-based, slightly left-of center regular guy, who reserves the right to be highly irregular, might post this picture and ask that you look at it.  Three times.  

The photo is from the National Geographic "Best Mountain Photographs of 2005."  It's a pine tree next to a mountain.  Small, insignificant, mostly unseen.  But the sun is shining on it.  The mountain is in shadow.

Usually I give nature photographs a green background, which denotes a "Science" post.  

Clue #1: This one is in blue, for "Politics".
Clue #2: I'm listening to Patti Smith, quite a bit louder than usual. ("outside of society")
Clue #3: I'm going to Washington DC next week.

That shadowy mountain: preaches a culture of life, yet practices policies of death; preaches from The Bible, yet practices from Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince; claims to take full responsibility, yet unleashes an avalanche at any criticism; has a really annoying voice.

The pine tree: preaches nothing, yet whispers in the wind; takes only what the land can reasonably give, and leaves the rest; takes responsibility for the few square yards it covers, and allows others to be responsible for themselves; has a really beautiful profile.  

I sometimes wish I could model myself after the pine tree, but I can no longer.

Any beautiful profile I may have had once, was lost years ago.  I prefer to whisper in the wind, but sometimes I speak out loudly.  I've read the Bible, but I've also read Machiavelli.  I like to think that I know when to practice which.

I do not fear the mountain.  Let the avalanche come.  Under the light of the Sun, the avalanche will melt away; yet me and my kind will only grow stronger, and taller.  

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