Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Worries

Regular readers do not need to worry that Corpus Callosum will trouble them, with poetry that does not make any sense unless you know why it was written.

A healthy relationship is not like a salt crystal, in which the only choices are rigid bonding and total dissolution.  It's more like a carboxylic acid in a mostly lipophilic solution, in which the proton can come and go, according to rules that the atoms have agreed to follow.

The difference is that, in organic chemistry, the atoms always follow the same rules.  In a healthy relationship, the people have some freedom to set their own rules.  There are conventions, of course, which ought to be respected.  But there is some room for flexibility.

I guess there is one other difference.  Ideally, the society in which the couple is finds itself, is not too lipophilic.