Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Something Wonderful

Something wonderful happened to me today, and I want to tell the whole world!

I dropped my father and my son off, in front of Madras Masala on Maynard Street, then went to park the car.  Just then, a car with a University of Michigan Medical School sticker on the back window pulled out of a parking spot in front of Frank's Diner.  I had a perfect parking spot, right in the middle of downtown Ann Arbor!  

This is as it should be, of course; medical students should always vacate parking spots that are needed by senior physicians.  

Then, as I was getting out of the car, I noticed a radio somewhere.  It was playing that old Doors song: "Come on baby light my fire."  Then I noticed how supple my back felt.

The night before, I had spend hours at the keyboard, working on Grand Rounds.  My back had gotten a bit stiff, despite the Aeron chair I use.  Sometimes, though, certain things have a way of making you feel young again.

(And of course I was kidding about medical students needing to be obsequious.  If anything, they need to learn to stick up for themselves.)