Sunday, September 04, 2005

Students Break Boring Dormitory Look

There's got to be some good news out there, somewhere.  Or at least, something lighthearted.  From everyone's favorite newspaper, the Montréal Gazette, we learn about this topical, fascinating subject:
Students Break Boring Dormitory Look
Sheri Block
CanWest News Service
Sunday, September 04, 2005

Laura (Lola) Carnegie is not content to live in a dorm room with bare walls, standardized book shelves and uninspiring bed linens.

The second-year student at the Southern Albert Institute of Technology (SAIT) has added a number of personal touches to her room to reflect her personality and make it feel like home.

"It's important (to decorate) because otherwise it just looks like every other apartment in the (residence) it just makes everyone love your room and want to hang out there," says Carnegie, who is studying information management at SAIT. [...]

"I've got a lot of pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Mae West because I just think they're beautiful and really stylish and I've got a lot of flowers and things like that," says Carnegie. [...]

Decorating the dreary old school residence has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to the inspiration of the home-decorating TV show craze. [...]
We also learn that the Gazette is going to start reprinting Calvin and Hobbes!  

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