Monday, September 05, 2005

Grand Rounds #49

(Postdated to stay at top while pertinent)

Grand Rounds

OK, I got my self-imposed quota for Grand Rounds #50 submissions, and GRL will be up later tonight.  I will still accept some submissions, and tack them on as time allows.  

Not to make it seem like bribery, or anything, but I've decided that the earlier submissions will be featured earlier in Grand Rounds, which means they'll get more hits.

And once I get twenty submissions, I'll turn off that annoying NOTICE:, and get rid of the flamingo.

This is late notice, but Grand Rounds #49 was posted yesterday at Healthy Concerns. There were many interesting submissions this week. Check out the rest of the blog while you are there. Grand Rounds #50 will be here, at Corpus Callosum, the day after Labor Day, 9/6/2005. I've already started getting submissions, which I appreciate. The "deadline" is going to be 9PM Monday night. General submission guidelines are here.

Remember, non-medical people are welcome to send submissions, so long as they pertain to medicine. If you have even the slightest interest in writing a medical post, just read the submission guidelines to get an idea of what we are looking for, and possibly to generate ideas about a subject for your post.

Medical students, even the busy ones in Ann Arbor, are particularly encouraged to participate.

I plan to post a review of an essay promoting universal health coverage in the United States of America.

Posting might be less dense than usual here, as I review the submissions.  Let's keep 'em rolling in to: joseph dot j7uy5 at gmail dot com.

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