Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More Protest Notes

I haven't yet uploaded the pictures I took at the rally, but I have collected some from around the 'net.  John Conyer's blog pointed to this collection.  Other Flickr collections are here and here.  Another collection is here.  The C-Span video is here: ANSWER Coalition Rally Against War in Iraq (09/24/2005) -- but it would not work for me, giving a page not found error.  

Some pro-war sites have pictures as well: here, here, and here.  Global Cop has more here; Global Cop was liveblogging, so you have to go to his several posts from 9/25/2005 to find the pictures.  There are photos from the LA protest here.  

 Naturally, I cannot merely find, organize, and post links.  My right hemisphere demands equal time.  Accordingly, I am going to respond to a comment left here, by Callimachus (Done With Mirrors, The Sciolist).  Continue reading here.