Sunday, September 25, 2005

Corrective Emotional Experience

Looking through the photos that are available, so far, from the 9/24/2005 peace rally in Washington DC, it appears that three basic themes predominate.  One is the size of the crowd; another, the intensity of expressed emotion; the third, the incidence of people who dressed funny.   The problem is, those three categories of photo do not convey the core of the experience of being there; nor do they capture what, to me, is the area of greatest human interest.

The crowd was massive.  But early in the morning, the crowd was not so dense as to preclude freedom of movement.  It even was possible for individuals and small groups to have moments of relative privacy.  I noticed that people in general were aware when others were having an emotional moment, and respected the appropriateness of privacy and boundaries.  

There were a lot of individuals who ended up having moments of intense feelings.  I did not photograph any of those.  Even if I had, I would not post them.  

Those of you who have had emotional reactions, based upon the photos posted online so far, may be in need of a corrective emotional experience.  Actually, come to think of it, that is not exactly the correct term to convey what I am trying to convey.  It is not a formal term (yet), but I guess what I am thinking is that people may need a supplementary emotional experience.  So here are three pictures to supplement what has been posted elsewhere.  Continue reading here.