Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tangled Bank is Available!

Tangled Bank is Available!
Tony at milkriverblog writes;

Have a sweet tooth? Well we’ve got some sweet writing to satisfy your craving. It’s over at milkriverblog in the 37th edition of The Tangled Bank. Check it out!

The Tangled Bank

The next edition of this fine collection of the best science, medical and nature blog writing will be hosted by Living the Scientific Life on October 5th. Be sure to send submissions by October 4th to PZ Myers, The Tangled Bank host [at] tangledbank [dot] net or to GirlScientist.

For a faster response, write Tangled Bank submission in the subject line. NOTE: All submissions will be acknowledged via email. If you do not receive an email response within 24 hours, please resubmit your article.
Milkriverblog is worthwhile reading anyway, even better now with tangles on the banks.  

I know better than to speculate about the change from Grrl to Girl.