Sunday, August 07, 2005

Antidisestablishmentarianism In Action

What does antidisestablishmentarianism mean?  
[...] pick up the Oxford English Dictionary. Turning to page 59, we find that antidisestablishmentarianism is indeed a word. The definition is as follows: “Properly, opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of Bush England, but popularly cited as an example of a long word.” Catching the irony here? [...]
We will try to catch the irony.

If one were to read an essay (Darwin's Compost) that decried the influence of "the elite", meaning scientists and everyone else the author doesn't like, you might expect to find the essay on a site called 'Humility in Action,' or perhaps 'The Washers of the Feet.'  Instead, it appears on the pompously-named site "The American Thinker".

I won't bother to fisk the anti-anti-Intelligent Design essay itself, that task being well beneath my elitist prétentions.  Rather, I will try to explain to my humble antidisestablishmentarianist friends why scientists and other thinkers are upset by Mr. Bush's proclamation that Intelligent Design should be taught in schools.  And why it is so dangerous.  Continue reading here.