Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting

Wayne State University Law School Auditorium
471 W. Palmer
Detroit, Michigan 48202

July 23, 2005,02:00 PM

Keynote speakers:
So far, 83 people have signed up to attend; with a bit more publicity, perhaps there will be more.  At least one person is offering to carpool from the Ann Arbor area.  A PDF map is here.  The Google map is here.  The satellite view is here (click to enlarge)

click to enlarge

In related news, Carl Levin has posted his report regarding his recent "junket" to Iraq.
One purpose of my trip was to gauge the level of the insurgency. I found strong support for the recent assessment of General Abizaid, the regional U.S. Commander, that the insurgency is not weakening and that the flow of foreign jihadists into Iraq has increased. I found no support for Vice President Cheney's view that the insurgency is in its “last throes.”

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