Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On A More Serious Note

Grand Rounds 43 is up at Aggravated DocSurg.  Again, this is a weekly Carnival that is not limited to posts by doctors and nurses.  Anyone with something to say about medicine or health care is welcome.  Submission guidelines are here.
Remember, the target audience here is NOT other medical bloggers, or people in the health care industry. It's the educated but nonmedical readers coming from general-interest blogs. So write for that audience, if only for this one post (even if your blog is about echocardiography). The idea is to introduce the wider world to the growing medical blogosphere -- the doctors, nurses, students, administrators, EMTs, techs, and patients who blog.
Submissions for next week go to Pharyngula.  I've volunteered to host the one after Labor Day.  Hosts between now and then are needed.  All it takes is a blog, a rudimentary knowledge of English, and a willingness to stay up late on Monday night.  Let Izzy know if you are willing.  If you need an inducement: it is guaranteed to bring a new audience, and lots of traffic, to your blog.