Saturday, May 07, 2005

New Flavors

They're coming out pretty quickly, now.  Knoppix 3.8.1 was released on April 23, and already there are numerous clones developed specifically for various languages.  All these distros have come out in the last week.  Not all use Knoppix as the base; one uses Mandrake, another Gentoo, and another uses Debian.  All of these run straight from the CD.  Since the hardest part of using any new operating system is the process of installing it on the hard drive, using live CD's is perfect for those who are not technically inclined.  Also, if you do decide to install it, there is no problem if you later trash your OS.  Just boot from the CD and you're in business in minutes.  Finish your work, meet your deadline, then go back and re-install when you have the time.  Eventually all mission-critical work will be done on such systems.  I mean, if you are running a business, and can't afford down time, why not?

I still use Windows at work, but I keep a Knoppix disk ready.  I do all my word processing using OpenOffice.  The next time Widows crashes, I'll do what I did last time: boot up Knoppix, and get back to work. 

The LliureX distribution is a Knoppix-based live and installation CD with support for Valencian  and Spanish.

Pardus is a Turkish project with the goal of creating a Gentoo-based live CD for Turkish speakers.

Tilix is a Bulgarian live and installation CD based on Knoppix.

Parsix GNU/Linux is an Iranian live CD based on Knoppix with support for the Persian language.

Kaella Knoppix Linux Azur is an adaptation of the Knoppix live CD for French speakers

Kurumin Linux is a Brazilian run-from-CD Linux distribution based on Knoppix.

LIIS Linux is a Latvian Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux.

MCNLive is a Mandrakelinux-based live CD developed by MandrakeClub.nl in the Netherlands.