Friday, May 06, 2005

Champie Redux

Back by popular demand, this is yet another picture of our colt, a few hours after birth.  (Here at The Corpus Callosum, one request is enough to qualify as popular demand.)  His APHA name, pending their approval, is Champ's Vivid Image.  The sire is Image of Champions, and the mare is Vivid April Maiden.  The eye looks a little unnatural, because in the original picture, it comes out as a blue-greenish-white orb.  I used GIMP to make it look a little better, but I'm not very good at that kind of thing, being more of a reality-based kind of guy.

This is Champie grazing with April.  I think this was taken about four days after the birth.  His half-brother, Vivid October, is in the background.  There is a fence between them, since a new mother likes to be left alone.  And when that new mother weighs 1,200 or so pounds, you tend to give her what she wants.

This is the sire, photographed a couple of days before the breeding.   He's out on the show circuit now.