Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How Big Religion Sold Out to Big Business, Without Even Trying

Please consider the following items, and see if there is a common theme among them:
  1. Salon publishes an article about the new president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, asking if his "fealty to the oil industry could derail the World Bank's mission to reduce poverty."
  2. The Union of Concerned Scientists publishes many articles, accusing the US Government of suppressing, distorting, and misusing the results of scientific research, all for political purposes.  Most of the time, the politicians are accused of being so pro-business that the interests of the general public are swept aside. 
  3. PBS runs a documentary about how people are influenced to vote against their own economic interests, to the benefit of big businesses. 
  4. The FDA and NIH are embroiled in controversies about conflicts of interest, again with the concern that large corporations may be influencing their inner workings.
  5. Bloggers point out the link between the anti-filibuster campaign and the religious right.  Others point out the hate speech that occurs in subset of religious fundamentalists.  Others express fear at the prospect of a one-party state.

Now, an anonymous blogger () writes a post alleging that these things are all connected.  Major religious institutions, thinking that they are promoting moral values, are subverted into promoting the agenda of big business.  Continue reading here.