Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Blogosphere is Flat!

Somebody visited Corpus Callosum using a Blogwise link.  I had forgotten about Blogwise.  It is one of those sites where people can register their blogs, to get added a directory of blogs.  Anyway, I went there and discovered something novel:

The Blogwise blog mapping service uses the GeoURL data that some of us have in our blog templates, then it plots those data on a map from Google Maps, to create a map of blogs that are close to each other.

To be included, the blog must have GeoURL meta tags as follows:

<META name="ICBM" content="XXX.XXXXX, XXX.XXXXX">
<META name="DC.title" content="THE NAME OF YOUR SITE">

Or Geo Tags like this:
<META name="geo.position" content="42.27;-83.73">
<META name="geo.region" content="US-MI">
<META name="geo.placename" content="Ann Arbor">

And it must be listed on Blogwise. 

It is easy to get the right tags.  Both the GeoURL site and the Geo Tag site have the capacity to generate these tags for you, although you have to insert the tags into your blog template yourself.  So far, there are only ten blogs around Ann Arbor that have the correct meta tags and are listed on Blogwise.  Needless to say, it would be pretty cool if everyone did this.