Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Advice for Physician Bloggers

Today I spent some time getting CME credits, using Internet-based programs.  It has occurred to me that I can both satisfy the requirements for CME, and do background research for blog posts, at the same time.  This helps take care of the time crunch that many of us feel: trying to find time for a hobby, while satisfying competing demands for work and family time. 

A good resource for this is Medscape.  Another is the Merck Whitecoat e-Assistant site.  The Merck site gives you AMA-approved credit for doing Medline searches.  You also get free online access to the complete text of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, among other things. 

Medscape is accessible with free registration.  Merck Whitecoat e-Assistant also has free registration, but you need to have a healthcare-related license to register.