Thursday, December 02, 2004

Dear Government

Dear Government:

Thank you for the tax cut. I plan to use the money I saved to buy cigarettes, which now cost more that five dollars a pack, since the tax was increased.  I heard on the radio last night that you cut taxes for business, too. Thank you. I also heard that when you passed the business tax cut, you did not define exactly what a business had to do to qualify. Now you are asking for our help, to figure this out. As a good citizen who is too old to go into combat and fight for the right of our citizens to pay higher prices for gas on Thanksgiving, I figured I should do my part to help you figure out which businesses should get the tax cut.

What they said on the radio is that businesses have to prove that they are manufacturing businesses, and that their products are made primarily in the USA. I am writing to let you know that I have a business right here. It manufactures a product. The product is not just primarily made in the USA, it is entirely made in the USA. Not only that, but the product is far more useful than anything made in Washington D.C. You see, I have some horses. I put hay in one end, and the manufactured product comes out the other.  Do I get the tax cut?