Thursday, December 02, 2004

Good News and Bad News About Flu Vaccine Shortage;
Bush Administration Dodges Pundit's Jab

There are two article's in this week's NEJM that address the issue of the current shortage of influenza vaccine in the USA.  The good news is in one of their Perspective pieces, by Dr. Thomas Lee.  He is glad that citizens have, for the most part, been understanding of the need for rationing.

The second article is a Sounding Board piece, The Fragility of the U.S. Vaccine Supply.  It is written in an apolitical style, which is characteristic for medical journals.  The authors are to be commended for their restraint. 

When I read it, I felt inspired to use it as source material to criticize the Bush Administration.  After all, there was evidence that we had advance notice of the possibility of a vaccine crisis, yet nothing had been done.  Read what I learned, plus a few pointed political comments, at The Rest of the Story.