Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Passing of Another American Icon

This afternoon, my beautiful redheaded wife and I were driving out to the hardware store to get some stuff for the barn.  We heard on the radio that Ronald Reagan died.  Later, we went to Barnes & Noble to sit around and read and drink good coffee.  As usual, I spent some time in the photography section.  On the way out of the bookstore, we noticed that they already had put up a sales exhibit with books about Mr. Reagan. 

This got me to thinking: I feel bad that I missed the opportunity to commemorate the death of another great American Icon.

Back on April 22, 2004, it was the twentieth anniversary of the death of Ansel Easton Adams.  (born 2-20-1902 in San Francisco, California
died 4-22-1984 in Monterey, California, at  age 82)

In this post, I explain why Ansel Adams was an American icon, and why I still have some respect for Ronald Reagan.   Read the rest at The Rest of the Story