Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Whatever you think of george W. Bush, remember one thing.  He is a liar.   I'm not saying he's a bad person; I'm not suggesting you shouldn't vote for him.  Just remember that if you do vote for him, you are voting for a liar. 

This is something I have thought for a long time, but following my own adage1, I withheld judgment until the proof became overwhelming. 

Whatever you think of Paul Krugman, if you plan to vote in the USA presidential election in November 2004, read Krugman's latest column  n the NYT:

Dooh Nibor Economics

Published: June 1, 2004

Last week The Washington Post got hold of an Office of Management and Budget memo that directed federal agencies to prepare for post-election cuts in programs that George Bush has been touting on the campaign trail. These include nutrition for women, infants and children; Head Start; and homeland security. The numbers match those on a computer printout leaked earlier this year — one that administration officials claimed did not reflect policy.

Beyond the routine mendacity, the case of the leaked memo points us to a larger truth: whatever they may say in public, administration officials know that sustaining Mr. Bush's tax cuts will require large cuts in popular government programs. And for the vast majority of Americans, the losses from these cuts will outweigh any gains from lower taxes.

Admittedly, although this is pretty damning, it is only one small bit of evidence.  See bloggers here, here, and here  for more evidence.  Be sure to take your blood pressure medication first, though. 
1 The vast majority of value judgments serve no useful purpose.