Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Today on Marketplace
"these priorities strike me as shameful."

Today's Marketplace broadcast mostly was about the issues of military recruiting during wartime.  Not a lot of controversy there.  Equally noncontroversial was their actual economic news.

The commentator, Robert Reich informed us that there will be cuts in Section 8 housing vouchers, which, he reports, will result in greater numbers of homeless persons  -- including children.  He reiterated the point, mentioned previously at Corpus Callosum, that the gap between rich and poor is growing.  He added something that I had not known previously:  the income gap is now the largest it has been in the USA in one hundred years. 

In this post, I elaborate on the serious consequences of the income gap, demonstrate why it is counterproductive and contrary to the values that are claimed by certain politicians, and ponder the question of why the average life expectancy in the USA is falling and the infant mortality rate is rising.   Read the rest at The Rest of the Story