Saturday, May 29, 2004

New Findings in Sleep Physiology

Reported via  AZo News-Medical.Net, Dr. Cameron van den Heuvel has found that temperature regulation is important in the initiation of sleep.  Furthermore, he has found that some persons with insomnia have a defect in their ability to regulate core body temperature. 

Discovery that body temperature has a vital role in the onset of sleep
Friday, 28-May-2004

Insomnia affects up to a quarter of the population in Australia and can have a severe impact on the quality of life and health of long term chronic sufferers, who often cannot stay alert enough to remain in the workforce.

[...] The research shows that the body needs to drop its core temperature in order for sleep to initiate normally, according to Research Fellow Dr Cameron van den Heuvel at UniSA’s Centre for Sleep Research.

At The Rest of the Story,  I include more excerpts from the article, links pertaining to the use of biofeedback for migraine and Reynaud's disease, and conclude with some advice of my own.