Sunday, June 13, 2004

Should We Go Ahead With Nuclear Power?

There has been a fair amount of blogbuzz lately, about the subject of nuclear power: not the type of power that comes from having really big bombs, but the type of power that is used to generate electricity.  There are posts on the subject at Crooked Timber, Tapped, Mark A. R. Kleinman, Washington Monthly, and Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal.  These posts generated a lot of comments, but not a lot of technical information is present in the original posts or in the comments.  Several comments included requests for more information.  On the weblog Too Many Worlds, William Kaminsky (a PhD student in the Physics Department of MIT) responds to some of the requests for more information on the subject. 

As it happens, I used to work at a nuclear research reactor.  This alone does not make me qualified to provide technical information, but the experience did make me a little more receptive to the idea of nuclear power.  At least I don't dismiss the idea automatically.

In this post, I provide links to some additional sources of information about nuclear power, add my own thoughts on the subject, and attempt to sharpen the focus of public discussion.  Read the rest at The Rest of the Story.