Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Bush's Speech

There is nothing about Mr. Bush's latest Iraq speech so far on the Tehran Times  website, nor on Russia TodayThe Straights Times  (Singapore) has a reprint of a generic AP article.  Arabnews  (Saudi Arabia), likewise, has no report yet; they do, however, have a cartoon showing Bush falling off a bicycle.  Nothing on Jerusalem PostKaleej Times  (UAE), interestingly, has a short article that mainly echoes the statements John Kerry made after the speech:

Bush said the United States would stay in Iraq until it was free and democratic and suggested that more US soldiers might have to be sent to stop enemy forces bent on destroying the new government.  In response, Kerry said: “That's going to require the president to genuinely reach out to our allies so the United States doesn't have to continue to go it alone and to create the stability necessary to allow the people of Iraq to move forward. That's what our troops deserve, and that's what our country and the world need at this moment.”

Kerry has said on the campaign trail that Bush has damaged relations with allies to the point that only a new president can repair them.

Kaleej Times also has a short article, containing some critical statements  that Madeline Albright made after the speech. 

In this post, I refer to news reports that came out after Bush's speech today.  (Note that it is late at night in the Middle East right now, and most of the news websites there seem to refrain from updating continuously through the night.)  There isn't much blogger commentary out there yet, although I'm sure dozens of people are writing theirs as I write this.  At The Rest of the Story,   I include more quotes about the speech, and conclude with my own comments.