Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Changes at the Corpus Callosum

I've started to use the new features of Blogger.  This includes the integrated comments service.  Since there are some existing comments that use the Haloscan service, I won't delete that right now.  After a few weeks, I will remove the Haloscan comments, and leave just the Blogger comments and the Haloscan TrackBack service. 

Also, I have published a companion blog, The Rest of the Story.   Because some of my posts are rather long, it was taking a long time for the entire page to load.  My plan is to use The Corpus Callosum  as the front end, with just the opening and with no images posted.   For posts that are more than a few paragraphs, or for those with images, I will post the complete deal on The Rest of the Story

Eventually, I will move some of the slower-to-load things, like the Babelfish translator, to The Rest of the Story.   This should make the whole thing easier to use, since The Corpus Callosum will load quickly and be easier to browse through.  If anything appears interesting enough to justify the bandwidth, you can click to The Rest of the Story,  then go make a sandwich while the thing loads. 

Since short posts will not be duplicated on The Rest of the Story,  I am going to leave the permalinks, comments, and TrackBack links on CC.  There is a third blog, Image Sink,  that I will use for photos uploaded with Blogger's Hello program. 

I know this is a kluge, other hosting sites have similar features -- more elegantly implemented -- that use javascript etc.; but why pay for something sleek, when you can do the same job for free with baling twine and duct tape?