Tuesday, May 23, 2006

XGL Eyecandy

I do think that XGL has promise, but it needs a few things.  First, it has to be more stable.  With it, I cannot run Firefox in KDE, unless I run it as root, which I am loathe to do; or, unless I open another session and use Gnome or FVWM.  Also, ideally, it would be possible to customize mouse gestures, so that awkward keyboard commands are not necessary.  

I must say that the performance is decent.  I expected the system to be more sluggish, but any decrement is not noticeable.  

Some of the commands really are useless, such as the "rain" command:

I suppose there is a use: it shows a potential that somebody, some day, might find a real use for.  But why would I want the effect of raindrops splashing on the screen?  

Also, I cannot resist this comment.  Everyone keeps referring to the "cube."  It is not a cube. (Unless you have a square monitor.)  It is a square cuboid: The top and bottom are square, but the sides are non-square rectangles.