Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I was not able to go to the a2irv meeting (featuring Larry Kestenbaum), because of an emergency at the hospital. Then when I went to the State Of the Union Party in the Cavern, I could not stay. It is too far underground to get a reliable cell phone connection, and I had to be sure I could be called.

So, I went home and watched the speech from there. As I had anticipated, he had very little to say about the actual state of the union. In fact, most of the speech was about foreign policy.

Those of you who could not stand to watch the speech, did not miss much. Mr. Bush uttered only one important word during the entire speech: Iran.

The most important point he made is that we wants us to be willing to go to war in Iran.

It's about Iran. The rest of the speech was fluff.