Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Missed It!

If I watched more television, maybe I would have known about it...

Worldwide Day of Play

Posted by Yvonne at 2005/09/26 23:29

How often does a television network tell its viewers to turn off the tube and head out to play?

For Nickelodeon, the answer is once a year. This Saturday, October 1st, is the second-annual Worldwide Day of Play.

Nickelodeon will culminate the summer-long on-air campaign on Oct. 1 by celebrating the second annual Worldwide Day of Play and going off the air for three hours. The network will pre-empt regularly scheduled programming with full-screen images showing kids playing, a Worldwide Day of Play logo and messages encouraging kids to be active and engage in physical play. More details about this year’s Worldwide Day of Play will be announced in the coming months. The first-ever Worldwide Day of Play, held in 2004 as part of the “Let’s Just Play” program, resulted in 1800 grass root events and participation from more than 250,000 kids and families.

Perhaps the grown-ups should spend a little more time playing this weekend as well? I know I plan to!