Monday, November 07, 2005

Ironic Screenshot

TechRepublic has a preview of Microsoft's new version of Internet Explorer, the beta version of IE 7.  They go through a list of new features, in some cases pointing out the ones that Firefox, Netscape, Opera (and others) have had for years.  The new features are illustrated with screenshots.  One of them is rather amusing:

The screenshot serves to illustrate a feature of the links toolbar (the area highlighted in red) in Microsoft IE 7.  But the screen itself shows a message that Microsoft would rather not publicize.

Switching from Windows XP to Longhorn will, in many cases, require RAM expansion, possibly a new graphics card, possibly an entirely new computer.  Linux will continue to run on older computers, and for most routine office tasks, will do everything as well or better than Windows.  Factoring in the cost of upgrading the hardware, just to be able to run the new OS, many companies will have a hard time justifying the expense.