Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rosa Parks Tribute

BlogPulse is a website that monitors, collates, and reports upon activity in the Blogosphere. They noticed a spike in activity right after the death of Rosa Parks, and prepared a memorial for her, in the form of a Macromedia Flash movie. The movie depicts their view of the Blogosphere lighting up with posts about her life and her death.

In BlogPulse News

As soon as news spread of the late Monday death of civil rights pioneer Rosa L. Parks, bloggers began sharing their memories, condolences and tributes to the meek but strong woman from Alabama who single-handedly, some say, mobilized an entire human rights movement. BlogPulse began capturing the tributes immediately, and the BlogPulse tech team compiled a short movie that visualizes Parks-related activity and posts in real time. "Deeply sad" to "God Bless You" to "Lugar Reservado" ("a place is reserved") are only a handful of the thousands of blog posts that mentioned Parks soon after her death was announced. A BlogPulse trend graph also captures the huge spike in discussion about Parks: Rosa Parks