Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Infinite Wonders of Babelfish:
"a heap of things that have been reported to us is bogus."

Like every other liberal blogger on the planet, I checked the usual places this evening for any advance information about Fitzgerald's possible announcement.  There are rumors on Huffington Post so far, but only rumors.  Following that thread, however, I came across this, at Talking Points Memo:

I mentioned yesterday that the Italian daily La Repubblica ran a story reporting alleged new details about the origins of the Niger/uranium forgeries. Today they followed up with a second part of their report which, if accurate in its particulars, could rock the foundations of official Washington.

Let me note first, as I did yesterday, that the article is of course written in Italian. And it has not yet had a professional translation.
No translation? No problem.  Just use Babelfish.  The Corpus Callosum now presents the following juicy morsels of data that stymied Marshall:
The outline of the game is somewhat transparent. "the authentic" papers on an attempt of purchase in Niger (old "Italian intelligence" of the years the Eighty) door in dowry vicecapo of the Sismi Center of Rome (Antonio Nucera). They come bundled with constructed other cartaccia to beautiful and the better one with a theft simulated in the embassy of the Niger (if of it they gain registered paper and you stamp).
It is the first instantaneous one. Profit returns in order to tell the second understood it of the Great organized Deceit in Italy in order to construct the necessity of a military participation in Iraq.
Null it can be said of this coincidence if not to take to action of one circumstance: the Italians have damning want of give themselves to make.
500 tons of uranio. One hyperbolic amount. The news is evidently lacking in whichever reliability.
    And perhaps the most damning statement of all:
George Tenet, crippled from the holes of the 11 intelligences of september, ago good ace to bad game and becomes quite sordo when the intelligence of the Department of State, as it tells to Republic Greg Thielmann, opposes to it that "the information collections in Italy are inconsistent. That the history of the uranio nigerino is false. That a heap of things that have been reported to us is bogus ".
Don't you hate it when you get crippled from the holes?  And you find out that a heap of things is bogus?