Wednesday, May 18, 2005

GR 34

Grand Rounds XXXIV is up at Galen's Log.  Again, we see that it takes a lot of work to host one of those things.  I must say, it does generate a lot of traffic.  Hits here have more than doubled.  I notice also that a higher than usual proportion of visitors are going to more than one page, which is a sign that the visitor is curious about something.  

As a reminder to the rest of the blogging community, anyone is welcome to submit a post; you don't have to have any particular medical expertise.  The usual criteria for a good blog post apply, and some hosts may have their own requests and/or requirements.  To attain the secret knowledge of how to participate, go to the Undisclosed Location to learn the secret location of the next GR, and blogborygmi to learn the secret selection criteria.

Other carnivals are listed here.