Saturday, July 31, 2004

Arrrgh! Another Fahrenheit 911 Review

Why write about what now must be the most-reviewed-and-commented-upon film in history?  There is a review in the London Free Press (Not the big London in the UK; the middle-sized one in Ontario) that actually makes sense.

Moore's latest film offering is only one truth

Paul Berton, Editor-In-Chief  
2004-07-31 01:55:23

Fact or fiction? Entertainment or journalism? Documentary or political statement? No, I'm not talking about the news media, but Michael Moore's latest movie, Fahrenheit 9/11.

I saw the film this week, enjoyed it, was shocked, angered, enlightened, impressed, depressed by it, and like most of his movies, slightly annoyed by it, too. [...]

Mr. Berton goes on to be critical of everything: the media, the American president, and Michael Moore.  It is easy to criticize everything; that is not particularly noteworthy, although.  What is worth repeating is Mr. Berton's conclusion:

It's a noble exercise and he's raised questions that should be asked. He's started a useful debate and he's educated some people about a complex issue.  But we shouldn't just accept it as gospel, any more than we should accept anything else from any one journalist or media outlet or filmmaker.

Each of us -- readers, viewers, listeners, journalists and ordinary citizens -- should expose ourselves to as many different sources and opinions as possible, ask some tough questions and do our own investigations. Only then can we form our own opinions and reach our own truths.