Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Free On-line CME from MedPage

MedPage Today has free online continuing medical education articles.  Each one only provides 0.25 credits, and there are not enough articles for this to be sufficient as the only source of CME.  Even so, it does not cost anything, and it can be a good supplement to other CME sources.  

One thing I noticed about MedPage CME articles is that a lot of them focus on improving communication with patients.  That is not something I have seen in other CME courses.  

Patients these days often come to the office with questions about medical topics that have been in the news.  Many of the MedPage articles seem to be aimed at educating physicians about the science that underlies the news items.  This serves two purposes.  For one, it is a decent source of background information that has some direct clinical utility.  Secondly, it prepares physicians to give their patients useful answers to their questions.