Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Survey of Health Care Professionals

Medscape, which may be the most popular of the health-care-professional websites, is conducting a poll of its readers regarding recent proposed legislation. 

Medscape Instant Polling

Poll Results

Recently proposed state and federal legislation would expand the ability of healthcare providers, hospitals, and insurers to refuse to participate in sexual health and reproductive health services by claiming a moral or religious objection. Do you favor or oppose such legislation?
33% (801)
66% (1568)

Total Responses: 2369
Poll conducted 22-Sep-2004 - 30-Sep-2004

The results stratified by profession are as follows:  Physicians only: 40% favor, 59% oppose; nurses only: 38% favor, 61% oppose.  Obviously, some people who have registered as other professionals have voted, perhaps pharmacists, physician's assistants, etc. 

The poll was not scientific, obviously, because there is no attempt to survey a representative sample of potential respondents.  Still, it indicates that it is likely that a majority of health care porfessionals oppose the legislation.