Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Vote Goss in 2003!

United States Representative Porter Goss has been nominated to serve as the next director of the CIA. There has been a little bit of controversy about this, but not much. Senate Democrats have stated that they do not intend to block the nomination. Some non-mainstream sources have come up with allegations, such as saying that he may have been an assassin in Mexico black ops. This may sound shocking, but it would not exactly be shocking to have a CIA director who used to be an assassin. Another site claims that he has blocked the investigation of the Plame outing. Well, the investigation is going ahead.

Pundits do not seem to have picked up on this, though:

In an Oct. 3, 2003 interview with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Goss declared he had no evidence that the uproar over the Plame leak was anything more than a product of "wild and unsubstantiated allegations, which are being obviously piled on by partisan politics during an election year."

Hey Porter, 2003 was not an election year.