Saturday, August 21, 2004

An Invitation for Military Physicians to Speak Out

George D. Lundberg, MD, the Editor-in-Chief of the Internal Medicine section of Medscape, happens to be a former military physician.  He served for 11 years, during the Viet Nam era.  Yesterday, he posted a Quicktime video editorial  and an invitation for any military physician to submit confidential testimonials regarding prisioner abuse, or any violation of medical ethics.  Note that Medscape requires free registration to view their content.  Use this link  to view the print editorial without having to register.

I know it is hazardous to challenge line authority in the Army; serious penalties await. Thus, I offer these pages of Medscape General Medicine as an opportunity for military physicians, who may remain nameless on request, to report any violations in accepted medical ethics that they have observed or participated in. We also welcome good news stories. Truth is right. That's my opinion. I'm Dr. George Lundberg, Editor of MedGenMed.