Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Political Agenda

This is an election year.  Those of us who are over 18 in November should all go out and vote.  As we prepare to engage in this civic responsibility, I recommend that we each decide for ourselves what our agenda is.  It seems that, too often, we let the politicians decide what the agenda should be, and they shape the political discourse and debate around the agenda that they think is most conducive to a victory for their party.  

We should not let them do that.  We are perfectly capable of deciding for ourselves, what is important to us.  We should decide for ourselves, and prod the politicians to discuss and debate what is important to us.  We also should resist the temptation to vote based upon any single issue.  Politicians like to act as though there is only one issue, and pretend that the one issue overrides all others.  If we fall for that, we makes ourselves easier to manipulate.  

Don't fall for it.