Friday, November 18, 2005

The Other Downing Street Memo

This is headline news at The Independent:
Two charged over leak of Blair-Bush conversation on conflict
By Jason Bennetto and Ben Russell
Published: 18 November 2005

A civil servant has been charged with trying to leak a transcript of a confidential and controversial conversation between Tony Blair and George Bush about the Iraq war.

A document containing a transcript of a conversation between the two leaders was sent to a rebel Labour MP, allegedly in an attempt to cause Mr Blair embarrassment over Iraq.

But the MP returned the document to Downing Street, who called in the Metropolitan Police's Special Branch to investigate.

The transcript of the conversation, understood to have taken place in a face-to-face meeting in the US, is believed to reveal that Mr Blair disagreed with Mr Bush about aspects of the war in Iraq.

The document also revealed details that, if disclosed, could have endangered the lives of British troops. [...]
It looks as though, this time, we do not get to see what was said.  I wonder what could possibly be in that document, that would cause Mr. Blair more embarrassment than he already has endured.