Saturday, July 02, 2005

Something Positive About Tom Cruise

I went off on the 'net today, looking to see if anyone actually had anything positive to say about Tom Cruise.  I did not find anything positive.  However, I learned that if you type "Tom Cruise" into the tag search at Technorati, you get 249 hits.  If you just do a regular search on "Tom Cruise is an asshole," you get 692 hits. (HT to Dave's Beer.)

I also found a photo of Tom's cruise control:

I also learned that Der Spiegel (the online English version) has cross-posted a four-part series about Scientology with Salon.  In the second part, they say this, about Scientology's fundamental text, Dianetics:
The first thing you notice about "Dianetics" is that it is spectacularly dull. L. Ron Hubbard promises, in this seemingly endless treatise, that his "modern science of mental health" will cure everything from schizophrenia to arthritis, claims for which he presents no credible evidence whatsoever -- unless you consider merely insisting that you've got evidence to be the same thing as offering it. But I am here to testify that "Dianetics" is a phenomenal remedy for at least one widespread affliction: insomnia.
I still haven't encountered anyone who has anything good to say about Tom Cruise.  If I'm missing something, please let me know.  Just click on the "Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace" link below.