Monday, January 17, 2005

Quiz: Corruption Lite

Some ideas transcend political parties.  The concepts of equality and free enterprise are examples.  Perhaps there are some on the far left that might oppose free enterprise, and some on the far right who might oppose equality; but for the most part, Democrats and Republicans both would agree that equality and free enterprise are virtues.  There are times, though, when the almighty dollar transcends even those virtues. 

Now for the quiz: Who said this, where, and about what?
He appealed to the idea of free competition [...] and claimed that Villanueva's bill "breaches the principles of equality before the law, that of nondiscrimination and the right of free private enterprise, freedom of industry and of contract, protected by the Constitution."
Hints: The person who said that was supported by an American ambassador.  It was in somewhere in South America.  He was talking about software.

In this post, I describe a way in which international corporations try to influence governments to act contrary to the interest of the people whom they govern.  Read the rest at The Rest of the Story