Monday, January 03, 2005

Best of (X) Roundup

Space.com has put up its "Best Images of 2004" collection.  It contains many really neat pictures from space, and some from Mars. 

Science Magazine has a list of their "Best of the Web" sites.  Most are rather specialized.  For example, the first one listed under Medicine/Diseases is
RESOURCES: Inside the Milk Gland
Science 306: 2009b.
The eclectic Biology of the Mammary Gland site is aimed at developmental biologists, cancer researchers, and physiologists. The site, from Lothar Hennighausen's lab at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, includes everything from technical tips to pathology slides, mainly on mice.

A histology atlas brims with images of normal and unhealthy tissues. Visitors can track development of the mammary glands in mice from birth to pregnancy and compare the process in, say, mice lacking the estrogen receptor. Pages on techniques explain how to prepare and stain tissue, insert genes into mammary cells, and more. The reviews section includes slide shows, short backgrounders, and audio lectures on topics such as the physiology of milk secretion and breast cancer diagnosis. Above, branching milk-producing ducts from a 4-week-old mouse.

New Scientist has a listed of the top ten science stories of 2004, as rated by their readers:
1. Mysterious signals from light years away
2. Petite skull reopens human ancestry debate
3. Sweeping stun guns to target crowds
4. Cassini finds a mystery in Saturn's rippling rings
5. Hawking cracks black hole paradox
6. Speed of light may have changed recently
7. Scientists stirred to ridicule ice age claims
8. Photo recognition software gives location
9. 'Anomalies' in first private spaceflight revealed
10. Mysterious virus may thwart HIV
The National Press Photographer's Association has put up their Best of Still Photojournalism 2004 site. 

Newspaper Photographer of the Year, Carolyn Cole, Los Angeles Times

Finally, Intelliseek's BlogPulse has a compilation of the most blogged about items in 2004.